Statistics Adjustment: cannot initialize data bindings error


When you try to use the Winner Management Statistics program, and you click on one of the buttons, you get following error: Cannot initialize data bindings.

The source of this error is a Windows DLL that is not present on the system or not correctly registered.


  1. Verify that the correct DLL file is on the system.

  2. Download the DLL here: 

  3. Unzip this file and copy the resulting DLL file in the following location:

  4. Next open Command Prompt as admlinistrator.
    Press CTRL-ESC on the keyboard.
    Type COMMAND and you will see the command prompt in the resulting list.
    Right-Click the Command Prompt, and select Run As Administrator

  5. In Command Prompt type: CD \WINDOWS\SYSWOW64 and press Enter.

  6. Next type: REGSVR32 MSSTDFMT.DLL and press Enter.

  7. You should now get confirmation that the DLL is registred.

  8. Type EXIT to exit the Command Prompt Window.

  9. Run Winner Statistics Adjustment again. The problem should be solved now.